Bridging the Digital Divide


Designer using innovative technology

Technology can address some of the challenges associated with 

social isolation during the pandemic, but many of our older neighbors have limited access to computers or 

an internet connection. Others have outdated equipment without cameras or microphones, leaving them unable to take advantage of telehealth opportunities to stay connected to their physicians.

Lifelong Connections helps bridge this gap. MAS developed this program that purchases wi-fi enabled tablets, trains volunteers, and then matches them with older adults ready to learn the basics of using email, Facetime, Zoom, and other applications.

Lifelong Connections trains older adults on how to use technology in order to access telehealth, reduce social isolation, continue to volunteer, and to be able to take advantage of the services available online. In partnership with the Ravalli County Council on Aging, this program is now available to older adults in both Missoula and Ravalli Counties.

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