Money Management Program for Seniors & At-Risk Adults

The Council on Aging’s Money Management is a Fee-for-Service program that helps Seniors and At-Risk adults who are having difficulty with their personal financial affairs. 

Services Include:

  • Paying Bills
  • Maintaining Financial Records
  • Preparing Budgets
  • Balancing Checkbooks
  • Negotiating with Creditors
  • Tracking Bills and Financial Documents
  • Preparing Checks for Signature
  • Organizing Bank and Financial Records
  • Prepare and Deliver Bank Deposits
  • Organize Documents for Tax Preparation
  • Assist in Deciphering Medical Bills
  • Review Bank Statements in Order to Detect Potential Fraud or Financial Abuse.

Help Maintain Independence

Money Management services help seniors remain in their homes longer by ensuring that bills get paid on time, checks are deposited, and taxes are paid. This helps to avoid eviction, foreclosure, utility shutoffs, and other debt issues.

Services include:

Power of Attorney:

This service legally acts on behalf of the client. Clients are assigned to a member of the Money Management team who receives the client’s funds and pays their monthly obligations directly.

Representative Payee or Veterans Administration Fiduciary:

The Representative Payee or Fiduciary is appointed by the Social Security Administration or VA and has legal responsibility to manage those corresponding funds.

Debt Management:

The Money Management team is dedicated to helping clients manage and eliminate debt allowing for more financial freedom and meeting client’s financial goals.

Application Assistance:

Many federal, state and non-profit programs exist to help our clients with their financial needs. The Money Management team prides itself on staying on top of changes to these programs and making sure clients have access to all the help for which they qualify.  Assistance with filling out applications, obtaining documentation, and following up on the submitted paperwork is all part of this service provided at no extra charge.

Getting Started

For information about all of these programs or if you have questions, please contact the Money Management Team at 406-375-5516