Aiding seniors and at-risk adults who are having difficulty managing their personal financial affairs.

Money Management

The Council on Aging is very proud of the Money Management program we provide to seniors and at-risk adults. If a senior or disabled adult is having difficulty managing their personal finances, the Money Management personnel can provide support, bill paying services and access to governmental benefits which might be of assistance. These services focus on assisting clients in maintaining their independence by managing their money.  Support is offered to seniors and individuals with disabilities, mental illness, traumatic brain injuries, low vision challenges and memory issues.  Fees are based on a sliding scale and every accommodation is made to make this service convenient and supportive for the client.

Services provided include:

Bill Payer Service:

Under this program, the main focus is to assist clients meet their financial obligations and maintain critical services while respecting the client’s wishes and financial goals.  This is a collaborative program which can be used temporarily to get back on financial track or as a way to ensure monthly bills are paid, reducing the stress on the client and supporting family.  The client keeps all responsibility for check signing and bank accounts.  Fees are based on a sliding scale and every accommodation is made to make this service convenient and supportive for the client.

Paying Agent:

This service legally acts on behalf of clients. Clients are assigned to a member of the Money Management team who receives a client’s funds and pays monthly obligations directly.

Representative payee:

This type of payee is appointed by the Social Security Administration and has legal responsibility to manage a client’s Social Security or Social Security Income Disability benefits only.

Debt Management:

The Money Management team is dedicated to helping clients manage and eliminate debt to allow for more financial freedom and to meet client financial goals.

Application Assistance:

Many federal, state and non-profit programs exist to help our clients with their financial needs. The Money Management team prides itself on staying on top of changes to these programs and making sure clients have access to all the help for which they qualify.  Help with filling out applications, providing documentation and following up on submitted paperwork is all part of this service provided at no charge.

Getting Started

For information about all of these programs or if you have questions, please contact Alice.