Lifeline and the Council on Aging, providing the opportunity for independence.

Lifeline Medical Alert Systems

A fall can be a very scary event for a senior and their family. In one sudden instant, the security of a loved one is no longer certain. Scenes of a parent laying on the floor for hours or days become a constant source of worry for family and friends. Lifeline can be one answer to those concerns while still supporting a senior’s choice to remain as independent as possible. Several options are available to suit different lifestyles and living situations. Ann and her team handle the installations, repairs, and any assistance your loved one might need while using this service.

An automated medication dispenser is also available under this program and can help assist your loved ones get the correct meds, at the correct time. We have a model on display in our lobby to allow you to see how this device can help in your home.

Please contact Aaron for pricing information or any other questions you might have about our Lifeline products.

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