Meals on Wheels

Providing homebound seniors with a hot lunch to meet their nutritional needs.

Meals on Wheels

Meals on Wheels Monthly Menu

The smell of fresh vegetables and a healthy meal simmering on the stove is the first thing you will notice about our Meals on Wheels kitchens.  Updated kitchens and creative cooks prepare meals for homebound seniors with an emphasis on healthy, delicious meals and happily accommodate special dietary needs such as reduced sodium, low fat, or allergies.  Our team of cooks strive to meet individual preferences and make a point of keeping up to date on diabetic and heart healthy diets.

Once the meals are prepared and sealed into oven safe or microwaveable containers, they are packed into coolers for our team of volunteer drivers.  This group of dedicated volunteers delivers the meals to our local elders, checking in and sharing a smile before heading to the next home.  The program also freezes extra meals to be delivered with the hot, fresh meals for those folks needing lunch or dinner on the weekend or non-delivery days.

A voluntary donation of $3.00 per meal keeps this vital program running for the benefit of all our homebound seniors in Ravalli County, however, cost will never be the determining factor for participation.  If you have questions about the Meals on Wheels program or want to volunteer as one of our friendly drivers, please contact Kayla or call the Council at 406-363-5690  Please check out the video produced by our friends at the MAPS Media Institute, where you will see this essential program in action and the impact it can have on a senior’s life.