Farmer’s Market

Helping homebound seniors meet their nutritional needs.

Farmers Market Coupons

Farmer’s Market Coupons are one of our most popular programs.  Seniors can receive coupons to use at our local valley Farmer’s Markets to purchase locally grown, fruits and vegetables from here in the Bitterroot Valley.  Markets start in June and run until Apple Days in October.  Darby, Hamilton, Victor, Stevensville, and Florence have markets and all qualified vendors happily accept the coupons.  At some markets, coupons can be combined with a senior’s SNAP benefits to provide an easy and accessible way to make locally grown Non-GMO foods a part of a healthy diet.  Applications may be available at the Council on Aging and must be filled out before coupons can be assigned to a senior.  The continued success of the program depends on the timely redemption of all the coupons assigned to a senior.  Council on Aging always has a long waiting list of neighbors and friends who would like to participate in the program, however, we are only allotted a limited number of coupons.  If a senior cannot use all their coupons, it is of the utmost importance to contact Kayla to ensure those coupons can be given to another person to redeem.  This one simple step keeps our Farmer’s Market program growing and vibrant.


Additional information may be found in early summer issues of Tidbits.

Please contact Kayla to ask about where to get your application and coupons.