What is Montana Senior Medicare Patrol (SMP)?

Montana SMP: Preventing Fraud, Waste, and Abuse:

Montana SMP staff and volunteers provide education and outreach through presentations and one-on-one counseling. Amber Thompson is our local SMP staff person at the Council on Aging and can help you research billing questions or assist you with understanding and organizing your bills and Medicare Summary Notices (MSN). If a billing error is detected, Montana SMP can assist in correcting it, or in the case of potential fraud and abuse, we will refer you directly to the appropriate agency for investigation.

Senior Medicare Patrol is dedicated to fighting Medicare fraud, waste and abuse. If you suspect you have been incorrectly charged or see a charge for something you did not receive, contact  the Council on Aging for assistance. 

New Medicare Card Info

Watch Montana SMP’s “Understanding Medicare” video series as a fun way to learn more about SMP:

Bill learns about SMP

Bill learns how to read his Medicare Summary Notice

Bill learns to keep track of his statements.

Bill finds a quick fix and may volunteer.


***Through Montana SMP, senior volunteers help fellow seniors become pro-active consumers identifying potential mistakes, abuse or fraud in medical billing. The volunteers use Montana SMP tools to teach seniors how to understand their Medicare Summary Notices and to compare them with other health care bills to determine any balances owed. Montana SMP volunteers also give presentations in the community to help educate consumers, their families and caregivers about waste, fraud and abuse in the Medicare system.

The Montana SMP program is statewide and has coverage in over 44 counties in Montana. If you know of any seniors that are having difficulty with their health care bills or are interested in learning more about our program, contact Amber at the Council on Aging office, 406-363-5690. You can also contact the Program Manager, Renee Labrie, based out of Missoula Aging Services, she can be reached at 406-728-7682.